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Why, Hello there.
I see you are a fellow The Smiths fan, from the comments to my Bosie picspam, of course.
Would love to be a friend.
I'm a bit new to LiveJournal so please excuse me if I do something stupid. :)

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of course! Happy to add a fellow fan:)

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Your profile is awesome. I'm new here and just looking for friends. Add me? =]

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Sure! Added you.
(deleted comment)

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Hi =) I've seen you through [ profile] zeppelinakias' entries and a couple of mutual communities, and I see we have similar interests... I hope you don't mind me adding you?

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Not at all, and thank you for commenting first:)

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Hello, I'm one of Voluspa's (Merzbeat was her old journal/Melissa) friends on here, and noticed your comments on her journal. Thought I would say, "hi":-). Seems we have some common interests. I love the Robert Plant quote you have up. I love the 60's too-the clothing, and music. I think you also like Tori Amos like I do. Of course I admit the 90's is my fave Tori era-I think her best music was during the 90's.

"As a woman I have no country. As a woman my country is the whole world" Virginia Wolf

~Jessica )0(

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Oh, and I hope you don't mind if I add you:-)

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Absolutely I'll add you! Thanks for asking first:)

I've seen you around on Melissa's journal. I definitely like Tori, love her! Yeah, I think so too, the early stuff especially was her best.

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Hello, you seem like a very cool '60s fan. Add me? :)

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Hi there :) You have a great taste music and your banner is nice. Would you like to be friends?

I've also seen you on a Jimmy Page community and you seem cool c:

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Yeah sure! And thanks:)

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I run the Brooksie tumblr and saw your post. Add?

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Sure! Thanks for asking:)

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Hey its Lora, I changed my username (and failed) and deleted all my friends of, so it would be awesometastic if you could friend me back again. =)

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Sure thing:D

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Hello, I see we share similar interests - rid, boosh, mythbusters, regina spektor, lotr, the beatles, phantom of the opera, yeahyeahyeahs, bfqoty and a few others.

Possible to be friends? (:

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Hello there. I just stumbled across your profile and noticed that we had similar interests. Would you mind if I added you? :)

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Sure! I'll add you.

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Hi! I see you're a member of the first Jeff Buckley community, but since I see that it's bitten the dust, I invite you to a Jeff community that's not moderated. Please join and post! :) [ profile] jeffbuckleyfans

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Thanks for the invite!

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Thank you!

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Hey! I'm Anna... Add me? Love.

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Saw you on the Jimmy page community. Can I freind ya? Freind back?

[identity profile] 2010-09-02 02:18 am (UTC)(link)
Of course!

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Hey darling! It's Margot, a.k.a. I have no idea what my last journal name was, it's changed so many times :\ I was M.I.A. for a while but now I'm back, can we still be LJ friends pretty please?

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Hey! I was just thinking about you yesterday OF COURSE I'll add you back!

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hello love!
hope you don't mind if i add you, it looks like we have quite a few likes in common! :)

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I don't mind at all, thanks for asking first. :)

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hello there, i've seen you around on [ profile] dragonclouds journal quite a lot. we have a lot in common in terms of literature and music and you seem interesting. want to be friends? :)

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Sure, that be great!

What is.....part 1 & 2

[identity profile] 2011-11-27 06:49 am (UTC)(link)
hello! i was wondering if you could please link me to part 1 and 2 of your What is and what should never be story. I can't seem to find it! Thanks :)

Re: What is.....part 1 & 2

[identity profile] 2011-11-27 07:06 am (UTC)(link)
I replied to your other comment on the community but parts 1-7 are here: Comments on the entries/parts are always appreciated. :)

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Hey It's Lora. Changed my name and removed everything. Adding you back. =)

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Hey!! I'll add you back.
(deleted comment)

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Sure, why not! :)

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Would Love an Add=)

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You got one! :)

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I'm looking for friends on here and you seem like someone I have a bit in common with. :)

[identity profile] 2013-05-23 02:14 pm (UTC)(link)
I've added you back. :)

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